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Subtleties of Medical Astrology ( English )

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Subtleties of Medical Astrology ( English )



The Subtleties of Medical Astrology is the second and more advanced, work on medical astrology by the author who is both an astrologer and a surgeon. His earlier work titled Essentials of Medical Astrology has earned wide acclaim both in India and abroad. The present work, now in its second edition, consists of his further research into more subtle areas of medical astrology. The salient features of this book are :

·        A highly scientific approach toward analysis of horoscopic charts for purposes of medical astrology.

·        Use of multiple dashas (Vimshottari, Yogini, and Chara) to confirm the same event.

·        Use of divisional charts as well as transits as applicable to charts for medical astrology.

·        Varied aspects of the role of retrograde planets in causing disease.

·        Malefic conjunctions leading to ill health.

·        The adverse role of the Trika houses and their lords.

·        The dreaded twenty-second Drekkana and the sixty –fourth Navamsha.

·        The use of a lesser known, but definitely adverse, area called the Mrityu bhaga.

·        Application of the standard astrological dicta, and their  numerous modifications as applicable to actual horoscopic charts.

·        Rich astro- medical data which has been used to profusely illustrate the  book.


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