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Sri Kali Tantra & Sri Rudra Candi - English

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Sri Kali Tantra & Sri Rudra Candi - English



Sri Kali Tantra : Being the traction force of kaal, Sri Dakshina Kali is the supreme power of this world. Her worship, gives worldly pleasures and liberation both to her devotees. This tantra, talks about detailed worship rituals and other practices of Goddess Sri  Dakshina Kali which once practiced under the guidance of an able Guru: would defini8tely fulfil the wishes of her devotees and then would liberate them.

Sri Rudra Candi: Sri Durga saptashati, is the most venerable worship, epic of shakts: its variegated forms are available in this world though most of them are hidden from the common worshipers. This Sri Rudra chandi, is one such epic which tells us how, Sri Rudrachandi only killed : Madhu Kaitabh, Mahishasur and Shumbha – Nishumbha to liberate this world from their fear, if this is recited as per given rituals, under the guidance of an able Guru: it would fulfil all wishes of a seeker and would finally take him to the feet of Goddess.

The present translation of both epics together, is an effort, to book at the very basic aspects of them: by the eyes of a modern day seeker. It is done, so that their cosmopolitan approach and concept of Sri kali, may further help to find the solutions of the anticipations of present day seeker’s life.


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