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Mundane Astrology- A Book for Astrologers ( English )

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Mundane Astrology- A Book for Astrologers ( English )


This book will be helpful to any astrologers who wants to make foray into mundane astrology. The principles are simple and can be easily understood. Examples and the charts that are given in the book will help anyone to have easy understanding.

The  book has basic principles of mundane astrology with explanation and examples that can be understood by anyone with basic astrology knowledge.

Shri K.B. Gopalakrishan covered many areas like election analysis and prediction, oath taking chart analysis, analysis of the famous personalities through chart, war predictions, Sensex predictions, sports predictions, and natural calamities prediction. No book so far has given any clear cut format to give out predictions. This book gives everything in one pack. 


Product Info
Author K.B. Gopalkrishnan
ISBN 9788170820863
Language english
Pages 360
Weight 465
Product SKU: KAB0285