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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0534
  Pt. Dhundiraj's  JATAKA BHARNAM  Jataka Bharnam is a detailed classic text on Vedic Astrology. The author has presented the classic in a very lucid and simple style. Besides, the special influences of various Divisions of Signs (Vargas), Transit, and Ashtakavarga, the t..
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Brand: Manoj Publications Model: KAB0655
151 Indian Mythological Stories..
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Brand: Manoj Publications Model: KAB0651
151 Wonders of the World..
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Brand: Manoj Publications Model: KAB0652
151 World's Greatest Inventions..
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Brand: Manoj Publications Model: KAB0653
151 World's Greatest Inventors..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1669
2019 YEAR BOOKDr. Shanker Adawal is a management professional and is presently working with one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. He is an MBA, PhD and has worked in various multinational companies. He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya ..
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Brand: Manjul Publshing Model: KAB0673
२१वीं सदी का व्यवसायमुद्दा अर्थव्यवस्था नहीं है lमुद्दा तो आप है lक्या आप व्यावसायिक जगत में फैले भ्रष्टाचार पर क्रोधित है ? वाल स्ट्रीट और बड़े वैक्स से नाराज है ? या फिर सरकार से नाराज है कि यह बहुत ज्यादा गलत काम कर रही है और बहुत कम सही काम कर रही है ?या फिर आप खुद से नाराज है कि आपने समय रहते ..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0297
250 Se Zyada Pareshaniya Ke Jaduyi Upay, 250 से ज्यादा परेशानियों के जादूई उपाय ( Hindi )यह किताब आपकी समस्या के उपाए तो बताएंगे ही,साथ ही आपको उपायों के सर के बारे में भी बत..
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50 Hand Print (Phaladesh Tatha Upaya Sahit) ( Hindi )
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Brand: Mind and Body Research Centre Model: KAB0061
50 Hand Print (Phaladesh Tatha Upaya Sahit) ( Hindi )फिंगर प्रिंट्स  कभी  नहीं  बदलते  किन्तु  हाथ  की  रेखाएं  कभी  कभी  बदलती  हैं .इस  आधार  पर  हम  कह  सकते  हैं  कि  हम  कुछ  सीमा  ..
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Brand: Randhir Prakashan Model: KAB1633
7 Din Me Jyotish Gyan..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0179
This book provides horoscopes of nine divine deities of different religions and 756 horoscopes of different natives of different times and of different nations. 415 natives out of them are alive as on date. To facilitate proper identification, the charts of natives are given in alphabetical orde..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1433
“This book is unique in the world for its clear and competent structure. It guides the reader easily step by step to interpret a Vedic horoscope.Graphical displays and exercises support the reader in each step of understanding – from a simple to a complex level.The author Siebelt Meyer (Jyotish..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0550
Concepts and analytical techniques, insight, identifying prasna – prime determinants, afflictors, significators, timing events and recovery,application of preventive astral remedies,case studies- profession, new business, property disputes, marriage, missing persons, health problems, losses, misc..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0189
The world dreads today the fear of Aids, cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric problems, etc. The modern System of medicine whether allopathic and/or alternative medicines Offers us guiding factors for preventing these dreaded diseases or early detection of these so that these can respond..
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In the present book the materials have been arranged in simple style comprising of smaller units in a systematic and comprehensive manner to enable the learner to learn the South Indian system of astrology. The book has been well illustrated with examples and charts and tables for the easy unders..
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Brand: Sagittarius Publications Model: KAB1350
This unique and rich book contains sutras, translations, meanings, commentaries, analysis, mantras and teachings of the parampara on the first adhyaya of Jaimini Maharsi’s Upadesa Sutras. It forms part of the course material for the course on Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesha Sutras taught by Sanjay Rath..
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