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Vedic Progression - English

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Vedic Progression - English


This book deals with Vedic progression. The Samhitas like Bhrigu and Arun,and the Nadis have used this technique to make astounding predictions relating to a very large number of birth charts that they have analysed.This technique had gone into disuse over the last few centuries. Desultory efforts were made in the recent past to rediscover it but without any success. The author has worked on it for long. He has described the technique very lucidly in the book and has successfully shown its application to a large number of birth charts of celebrities and common persons. It is a powerful instrument for an overall predictive study of the future of an individual. The book is a unique attempt at resuscitating a part of India’s lost astrological tradition.


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Author Dinesh S. Mathur
ISBN 8170820782
Language english
Pages 293
Weight 390
Size 8.5 x 0.7 x 5.5
Product SKU: KAB0773