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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0534
  Pt. Dhundiraj's  JATAKA BHARNAM   Jataka Bharnam is a detailed classic text on Vedic Astrology. The author has presented the classic in a very lucid and simple style. Besides, the special influences of various Divisions of Signs (Vargas), Transit, and Ashtakavarga, the t..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0297
250 Se Zyada Pareshaniya Ke Jaduyi Upay, 250 से ज्यादा परेशानियों के जादूई उपाय ( Hindi ) यह किताब आपकी समस्या के उपाए तो बताएंगे ही,साथ ही आपको उपायों के सर के बारे में भी&nbs..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0179
This book provides horoscopes of nine divine deities of different religions and 756 horoscopes of different natives of different times and of different nations. 415 natives out of them are alive as on date. To facilitate proper identification, the charts of natives are given in alphabetical orde..
A Big Book On Vedic Astrology - Russian
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1433
“This book is unique in the world for its clear and competent structure. It guides the reader easily step by step to interpret a Vedic horoscope.Graphical displays and exercises support the reader in each step of understanding – from a simple to a complex level.The author Siebelt Meyer (Jyotish..
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Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0550
Concepts and analytical techniques, insight, identifying prasna – prime determinants, afflictors, significators, timing events and recovery,application of preventive astral remedies,case studies- profession, new business, property disputes, marriage, missing persons, health problems, losses, mis..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0189
The world dreads today the fear of Aids, cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric problems, etc. The modern System of medicine whether allopathic and/or alternative medicines Offers us guiding factors for preventing these dreaded diseases or early detection of these so that these can respond..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1072
A COMPLETE BOOK ON TRIPLE TRANSIT INFLUENCES OF PLANETS HOW TO IDENTIFY SIGNIFICANT EVENTS Salient Features: • Tips for Predictive Accuracy • Unique and Effective Methodology to read TRIPLE TRANSIT INFLUENCES (Transit to Natal, Natal to Transit and Transit to Transit) &..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1033
PREFACE Some astrologers hardly understand my book, Jaimini Sutramritam, a commentary both in Sanskrit and English. Of course it is just hearsay, may or may not be true. However one finds intricacy in Jaimini school of thought, unless one goes thoroughly through the Sanskrit commentary and Vridd..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0185
आयु रहस्य कई एक विद्वान् ने मनुष्य के जीवन समय अवधि की भविष्यवाणी करने का प्रयास किया है और यह माना है कि यह एक मुश्किल प्रयास है और यहाँ तक कह ..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0526
An Analytical & Innovative Approach To Vedic Astrology 1. Provides 100 authentic Natal charts and how to interpret them using simple Astrological principles. 2. Explains Key Astronomical concepts relevant to astrology through coloured diagrams. 3. Integrates constellations, Zodiacs and Nak..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0197
Analysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques ( English )This book has specially been written taking into considerations needs of students to comprehend astrology and be able to give correct predictions in shortest possible time.The author has made step by step approach to explain intricacies of ..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0493
Anaylysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques A book that provides readers with a step - by - step approach to deal with the intricacies of astrology and to comprehend astrology in an easier manner, Analysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques by M S Mehta has been written to cater to the ne..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1158
Annual Horoscope (Varshaphala or Tajak ) Varshaphala or Annual Horoscope, which is also known as Tajak system, is one of the three branches of Astrology. Tajak in Arabic means horse. It is, therefore, said that among other system this system runs like a horse or it is superior to others. This ..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB1056
The Arudha pada system is a peculiar one in which degrees of planets, Vargas of signs, mathemati-cal calculations etc  are not considered. Only the natal chart is enough. The predictions promised by Lagna Arudha, Bhava Arudha and Graha Arudha take place during the currency of periods of thos..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0404
ASHTAKAVARGA ( Phalit ki Adhunik Vidhiyan)  ( Hindi ) अप्टकवर्ग भावों एवं ग्रहों के  बलाबल  के आंकलन करने की एक अद्वितीय पध्दति है और सटीक फलित करने में सही मार्गदर्शन का काम करती है । इसका एक उदाहरण में तो जन्मपत्रिका में सुस्थित सूर्य जातक को प्रमत उंचाई की और ले..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0293
The Ashtakvarga is recognized as an outstanding system of prediction among the several systems advocated in the standards works on astrology. It has been commended as the best and the most indispensable key, so that all predictions have to be made only after a consideration of the Ashtakvarga. B..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0778
The science and art of Astro - Palmistry is that branch of Palmistry which deals with the determination of birth time from hand-reading. The importance of this section of hand-reading cannot be questioned from the very fact that the birth time in many instances either unknown or imperfectly reco..
Astro Sutra - English
2-3 Days
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0887
The subject of “Natal” astrology has been dealt with in this book rather briefly, still in dealing with the various aspects of the science, it has been endeavoured, as far as possible, not to overlook the “how” and “why” of the things involved. In other words the scientific rationale behind the ..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0776
 Astrological predictions have since long baffled the man. He wanted answers to his psychic quest, methods of self-realization and a knowledge of his ultimate goal. Astrology indicated that his everyday life was guided and controlled by some super physical powers as well as his inner core o..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0560
The universe is an ocean of mysteries and surprises. Why and from where we have come? What is our role and aim in this life? What is death and what happens after death? Who controls or regulate our actions? What are destiny and Karma principles? Is there anything as soul and rebirth? What is the..
Brand: Sagar Publications Model: KAB0511
Astrology Concepts Explained In Alphabetic Order The book is an explanation of astrological concepts to clear any doubt about the exact clarification of astrological terminology.Though it contains the tremendous amount of literature available in Vedic Astrology in various languages yet terms u..
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