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A Manual Of Hindu Astrology
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1660
A Manual Of Hindu AstrologyThis book deals with such aspects as the determination of the longitudes of planets, house – cusps, sunrise and sunset and other information essential for constructing a horoscope. A separate chapter, exclusively devoted to describing the method of casting the horoscope..
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Ashtakavarga System Of Prediction
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1663
Ashtakavarga System Of PredictionThe Ashtakavarga System, an exposition of which has been attempted in this book, has engaged my attention for a long time. It occupies an important place in the general scheme of Hindu astrology and offers considerable scope for an astrological student who has a s..
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Astrology For Beginners
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1659
Astrology For Beginners..
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Astrology in Predicting Weather and Earthquakes
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1902
The only claim of this book is to present an ensemble of ancient astrological data concerning the methods of forecasting certain natural disasters and the need on the part of the seismologists and meteorologists to shed their prejudices. and embark on an investigation of the in-digenous methods ..
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Bhavartha Ratnakara
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1903
BHAVARTHA RATNAKARA is  treatise on astrology said to have been written by Sri Ramanujacharya and it deals with the subject in a masterly way. The translation, notes and examples, I have given in these pages, will speak for them-selves. Several books have been written by me on astrology -so..
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Golden Rules Of Vastu Shastra Remedies And Solutions
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1666
        Golden Rules of Vastu Shastra: Remedies and Solutions is an in-depth study of the science and art of Vastu Shastra and presents its concepts and practices in a manner that does not leave any unresolved questions. The book is structured in a way that..
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Graha And Bhava Balas
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB0038
PREFACE TO THE THIRTEENTH EDITION Considering the apparently technical nature of GRAHA AND BHAVA BALAS the sale of the twelfth edition within a short period is indeed an encouraging indication of the keen interest shown by a large number of educated people in the study of this sublime subject o..
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Hindu Astrology and The West
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1904
AFTER the first edition was published in 1969, I visited U.S.A., Europe, Japan, etc., in October 1970 with Mrs. Rajeswari Raman, alone in April 1971, and in October 1972 and with Mrs. Raman in May 1981 delivering lectures, addressing group-meetings and holding dis-cussions with scientists and le..
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Hindu Predictive Astrology
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1661
Hindu Predictive Astrology..
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Muhurtha ( Electional Astrology)
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1664
Muhurtha ( Electional Astrology)..
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My Experiences In Astrology
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1662
My Experiences In Astrology..
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Numerology, Gemology and Rudraksha
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1665
        Numerology as a science is as old as recorded history. It deals with the effect the vibrations of numbers and the effect our names have in influencing our destinies. Why do we need numerology over other branches of astrology? Simply because it is mo..
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Prasna Tantra ( HORARY ASTROLOGY )
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1901
Horary astrology is the most important branch of the three divisions of the astrological science, the other two being Jataka (predictive astrology) and Muhurtha (electional astrology). It takes as the basis for predicting future events, the horoscope set for the moment a query is put. Horary has..
Ramans 110 Year Ephemeris Of Planetary Positions
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1843
The idea to bring out an Ephemeris covering not only our time but also the last decade of the last century, had persisted for a long time. However, it began to take concrete shape a decade ago largely due to the pressure brought to bear upon me by the innumerable readers of THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZ..
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Ramans New Millennium 50 Years Ephimeris ( 2001-2050 AD )
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB1846
Special Features • Nirayana planetary longitudes for 00h. 00m. IST (midnight) for 50 years from 2001 to 2050. • Daily positions of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu_ (mean), Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  • Change of motion from direct to retrograde, and vice-versa. • Bonu..
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Re - Understanding SATURN
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB2073
"Reunderstanding Saturn" unravels several almost unknown aspects of Saturn. The book comprises of 9 chapters. The first chapter presents the spectrum of various roles Saturn plays, underlining the point that the exact influence Saturn can be ascertained by taking into account the house, sign, co..
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SATURN Maladies And Remedies
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Publisher: UBSPD Model: KAB2075
The book "Saturn : Maladies and Remedies" is a different kind of book on astrology. Its distinction lies in its being a practical guide book rather than a theoretical treatise. Its objective is to offer treatment rather than merely pronouncing diagnosis. Many human beings who suffer from the wra..
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