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Face Reading

Face Reading

Most cultures have their own study on face reading. The Indian has it, and so do the ancient Creek.

Chinese Face Reading was first used by the ancient Chinese as a supplemental technique in medicine. Aside from taking your pulse, and smelling your breadth, the ancient medical practitioners also observe a person's face to look for tell tale signs to help them to confirm their diagnosis. Techniques were later developed to read a person's character and fortune.

Modern western face reading on the other hand focuses more on personality


Each and every aspect of your face tells a different story about your fate and personality. Don’t just look at your facial features, but notice their size (thin eyebrows, small eyes), and type (sloped forehead, square face), as well as any lines or wrinkles that are present. All of these features tell a story, and this blog on face reading will take you deeper into the science of physiognomy.

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CHARACTER READING FROM THE FACE The value of character reading to the advisers in our employment exchanges, to doctors and teachers, to personnel managers, business men and commercial travelers in their daily work. Such people frequently have to make instant decisions and what a boon it..
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मुखाकृति की अभिव्यक्तियाँ परिस्थितियों पर ही निर्भर नहीं होती, बल्कि किसी हद तक पैतृक भी होती है,माँ का जीवन सुखी और हर्सोल्लासपूर्ण हो तो उसके बालक के मुख पर भी उल्लास की अभिव्यकि अंकित हो जाती है जो जीवन प्रयन्त रहती है l  माँ का जीवन दुःख भरा हो तो विषाद की अभिव्यकि उसके बच्चे के मुख पर ..
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How To Read Faces
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Practical and scientific physiognomy gives the most comprehensive theory of mind of any work hitherto presented to the world. It take the position that mind inheres in the entire organism and that the brain is only one source of the mind or of mental operations: that the mind and body are one an..
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How To Read Faces-380 Profusely Illustrations By Mary Olmsted Stanton ( Vol 1 & Vol-2)
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ABOUT THE BOOK: "Practical and scientific physiognomy gives the most comprehensive theory of mind of any work hitherto presented to the world. It takes the position that mind inheres in the entire organism, and that the brain is only one source of the mind or of mental operations that the mind a..
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मुखाकृति विज्ञान चेहरे- मोहरे को  देखकर अच्छे- बुरे चरित्रको भाँप लेना अत्यन्त उपयोगी कला हे। दुर्जनों से बचते है । प्रस्तुत पुस्तक " मुखाकृति विज्ञान" को  समझकर आप भी इस कला में पारंगत  हो सकते है । मुखाकृति अध्ययन के लिए जन्म- कुंडली  की आवश्यकता  नहीं, चेहरे की कि..
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Palmistry Self Taught With Fortune-Telling And Hints On Character Reading From The Face ( English )
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PALMISTRY SELF TAUGHT – With Fortune- Telling and hints on Character Reading from the faceThough Palmistry is ignored by many, yet, in all civilized countries, not to speak of India, this science is cultivated more or less. In London and other enlightened towns Chronological societies ha..
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Palmistry The Complete Guide With Handwriting Analysis And Body Mole Effects
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The highlight of the book is 81 Illustrations. There has never been conceived or made by man-any instrument, machine, or contrivance, capable of such a diversity of usefulness as the human hand. Nothing has ever existed with such infinite adaptability to various needs, or capable of being traine..
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The popular idea of Physiognomy rests mainly on observation of the features of the face alone, and the character delineations consist mostly of the barest generalizations without any methodical or scientific basis, so that it is not surprising that the subject as generally presented has met with..
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The Body Moles Influence & Effect
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THE BODY MOLES INFLUENCE & EFFECT Moles must have read in many Astrology books that moles are found on different parts of that body and as mentioned can be referred in slokas ii-25, iv-6, vi-5 of sanketanidhi but the reader is buffled further as to that results of such moles as it is not av..
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तिल रहस्य व् शारीरिक हाव- भाव " तिल विचार और शारीरिक हाव -भाव " ज्योतिष जगत में अपने ढंग की अभूतपूर्व कृति है i इसमें वर्णित तथ्यों और सिद्धान्तों को आत्मसात करके पाठक ऐसा ज्ञान अर्जित कर सकते है जिसके द्वारा वे किसी आगन्तुक व्यक्ति के चेहरे पर एक नजर डालते ही उसकी प्रकृति और भवितव्यता के सम्बन्ध मे..
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Your Face mirrors Fortune Physiognomy is directly related with Astrology and Astronomy. A large number of treatises are found in ancient shastras  of Hindus on this subject. Prahlada’s  Samudrika Shastra and Stree Anga Lakshanam are often quoted by physiognomers  Poet  laurea..
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