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Disease Imprints on The Palm ( Medical Palmistry) ( English )

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Disease Imprints on The Palm ( Medical Palmistry) ( English )


The results of the Poorva Janma Karmas or deeds of our past lives to a large extent is the destiny of this birth and is marked in human body as the shape and lines of the hand, for the hand is the most immediate instrument to put into

practice the thoughts generated in our conscious mind by the impulses of the account of our past Karmas stored in. our unconscious mind. Thus, various diseases fatal or curable occur to us as a result of our past evil deeds. This work is a serious effort to diagnose impending illnesses in advance through the knowledge of Palmistry. The subject matter has been treated in a systematic and lucid way. It is an indispensable volume for the lovers of Palmistry and clinicians as well.

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ISBN 9788188230030
Pages 178
Author Prof.O.P.Verma
Language English
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