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A Textbook of Varshphala ( English )

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A Textbook of Varshphala ( English )



* The first book on annual horoscopy or Varshaphala (the Tajika system ) which is fully illustrated.

* The sixteen Tajika yogas which form the backbone of successful predictions on the basis of annual horoscopy have been     most clearly explained.

* Such specialised areas of the Tajika system as the Muntha, the Varshesha, the Tri Pataki Chakra, the Sahams, etc., have all     been dealt with in details.

* Covers almost all the important questions a modern man asks in the hectric whirl of his professional, personal and social     life.

* To be able to see with clarity how a particular year will be for you is to see the lines along which you should plan your     activities, postpone some of them, get more deeply involved in some of them.......

* What you need is a clear direction, clarity of vision and planning the shifting priorities year after year. This is what an         accurately cast annual chart can do to you.

*So plan your yearly activities after examining your annual horoscope. 


Product Info
ISBN 8190100815
Author Dr. K S Charak
Language english
Pages 214
Product SKU: KAB0270