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Profession From The Position Of Planets

Profession From The Position Of Planets


Due to your large hearted and generous cooperation, I have so far written six books on this sacred science of Astrology and this is my seventh output according to the Sanskrit adage” Man is able to propose six times but God disposes for the seventh time”. So, there is no doubt that this humble offering of mine has devine blessings.

I have based my composition on the aphorisms contained in rare Nadi Granthas. If the readers patiently study this treasure and apply to individual horoscopes they are bound to get the desired results and I think my efforts have not been in vain.

In bringing out this book,Shri A.satyanarayana Iyer my revered elder and Astrologer has greatly helped me in English translation, proof correction etc.and I offer my greatful thanks to him.


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Author R G Rao
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