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Mudra Healing

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Mudra Healing



Yoga is a complete science of healing as well as prevention of diseases. This has been increasingly recognized by the doctors all over the world. Yoga has so far been restricted to Asanas and Pranayams. But, it is much more. Yoga Mudras are an integral part of yoga, but, unfortunately the healing aspect of these Mudras has not been well- published so far. Nevertheless, the fact remains that we can keep ourselves healthy through these Mudras alone.

Our body is made up of five elements, namely Fire, Air, Water, Space and Earth. Take any one element out and the other four cannot work at all. There is, indeed, a very fine balance between these five elements and even a very small imbalance upsets our health. This balance can easily be maintained by manipulation of the five fingers of our hands each one of which represents one element of the nature. This is the most NATURAL way to maintain good health.  


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Author Osho Siddartha, Dr Ramesh Puri
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