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DASHA NIRNAY- Vimshottari Dasha A Mystery

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DASHA NIRNAY- Vimshottari Dasha A Mystery



In course of time , Mr. Ansari did a deep research on kaal Sarpa Yoga. From here the arishta or the malefic influences of planets creating, from small mishaps to major desasters in one’s life, interested him. He made many predictions of this nature, which, though gloomy, did help those who took his astrology in the right sprit, to be prepared for something unpleasant in their lives.

In course of time a  vast collection of horoscopes dealing with arishta was in his possession. Some out of those horoscopes have been included in this book. He is one of few astrology teachers in the world who can claim rightly that ever since our classes started in the Bharatiya vidya Bhavan in 1987 that he has, like me the largest number of students.

Delicate, even frightening is the problem of arishta in a horoscope which Mr. Ansari  deals with in this book, with adroit and rare skill and technique and rare uses of the Vimshottari dasha. All this he combines with lesser known techniques of transit of planets as well.

From a beginner to an advanced practitioner of astrology, including those who dabble in what has come to be termed as medical astrology, this book with its vast illustrative charts, will be found to be very useful.  



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Author Z Ansari
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