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Astrology of Professions

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Astrology of Professions



This book well structured, well illustrated and well explained. And it is a very timely, very helpful, very useful book. Need exists in  the age in which we live all over the world, particularly in India, to guide young men and women in the choice of their educational and professional patterns. That  this is done best through astrology. Hindu jyotish, is the one fact which will get established in the course of few more years .

Where an educational psychologist begins to meander through many possibilities and ends with some hit or miss successes and failures, the astrologer is on a more certain ground. I have guided so many students in India, particularly in Delhi in the choice of their educational options. So many have benefited. It was for this reason that I got produced a research by students and published it in the journal of Astrology. But there is a constant need for updating these researches to be of immense use for the large numbers of students seeking proper careers in India where the percentage of literacy has grown enormously and we have the largest pool of technocrats in the world.

Col. Gour’s attempt in this book is the first major composite attempt by an astrologer to cover these aspects, the path from education to career with a link between the two, Naturally, the career patterns that emerge  out are of various types:

·        Professional  educational leading to specific professions only like that of a doctor, engineer, chareted accountant etc.

·        Certified professions to enter which one has to have the prescribed educational qualification like that of a lawyer. But then there are many who have legal qualifications but not  practising as lawyers.

·        Bureaucratic careers do not depend on any specific education patterns but specified educational qualifications to open the door to competitive examination like the Indian Administrative Service.

And there are techno- bureaucratic professions in which a very specific qualifications alone opens the opportunity to enter a service like of a member of the Indian Engineering Service.

Col. Gour being aware of such complexities has neatly opened some lines of analysis which must lead a keen student on to further research.

 Such a good research of such rich composite nature as col.Gour presents in this book gives you the lines along which future research should be done and should progress.


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